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            Best Selling Author & Writer Sherry Hutchison

writing as Author Sherich Reison

As children, we are born innocent. We are not born feeling ugly, mentally crippled, or physically inadequate. We are taught these things, these feelings as we grow.

     By the time we have reached our early teens, we have experienced many emotions.  We have felt blessed, protected, or perhaps tainted by hidden ugly truths.

           Put all these emotions into a tiny glass jar to set on a shelf for a while. Eventually, the jar has to be opened and all the contents spill out onto the floor. The mess now has to be cleaned up.

     Sometimes you are left with a troubled child.

You may call me a liar. You may think I’m quirky or weird. Perhaps I’m a bit strange. However, you can never call me a ‘victim.’

     You may call me a ‘survivor.’

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