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Sherry Hutchison Amazon Author Page
Celinda & Zephyr new home in the realm.

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Book Cover Zazz Ytherynia Gifted Blood Academy
Book Cover A look At My Inner Fae Ytherynia Gifted Blood Academy
Chasing the Lights Book 1
Book two Sumptom's Ghost
Book 3 Chasing the Lights Series Vernon
Book 4 The Metamorphosis of CT
Omnibu Book all four Chasing the Lights Series
Book Cover for Veiled Fae

     Chasing The Lights Series

Four years ago my life changed when I followed the lights out in the forest behind our house late one night. I met actual live fairies. I made a wish; it was granted although it would be a few years before total comprehension settled in as to what I had done.

      I found out fairies, ghosts, witches, and even trolls are real. I even met my own personal Angel.

     Once the Fae found me it was one exciting journey after another. Johnny Granger AKA Grasshopper; became my cohort in crime.

     At age fourteen I’ve developed many awesome powers and I'm changing. However, I never expected to grow wings.

     I can’t undo what is happening to my body and I wouldn’t now even if I could.

     I'm evolving, finding out I am unique after all. I embrace my new future with Johnny Granger, by my side.

I am CT and I am becoming Fae.

Veiled Fae & Fae Wars

Embracing The Lights Saga

Is a cross-over series staring, CT & Johnny as they have grown and gone out on their own.  They will find their own home, their own world, their way.

CT has morphed and must join her Fae Family as their Princess in their new home *Nenagh Realm* in a far-off universe. The problem is Johnny is human and must become Fae to go with CT.

Can he survive the transformation required? This has to work as these two have bonded for life and refuse to be separated. It can't have all been for nothing. CT made a wish many years ago. Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.

Alyssa a main character in the story.
Book Fae Wars Embracing the Lights Saga
Timothy a main character in the story

     When the fate of others intertwines sometimes not even the heavens can pre-determine the outcome their paths will take. On the same day, the sun set, and the moon rose as always but time had come for two young souls.

     Alyssa, a beautiful young woman, was an angel even before her unfortunate death. Aiden: however, was a wandering soul even after his time had come. Both were strangers until the Archangel Michael informed them there was still more, they had to do before Aiden’s fate was to be determined.

     What could two young people whose life had been as different as night and day have to do with one another? Could the ties between these two young souls be deeper than what they know? With only seven days before ascension, Alyssa and Aiden must team up and come to terms with their past. They must learn forgiveness and in return be granted grace.

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Ytherynia Gifted Blood Academy Freshman Year
Anthology Cover Sophopmore Year Ytherynia
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