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*Scream While I Whisper*

     A young woman, a kidnapping, the rescue, a stalking, and a relentless serial killer who refuses to give up his victim. The special one who got away.  

     Tonight, a victim digs deep within; with the help of a team of professionals she decides to take back her life.

The legend of Greybeard, the Ghost of 489 lingers to this day.

     An innocent man’s life taken, a ghost taking vengeance, and the people he encounters along the way.

     Some will remember him with a surreal kindness as he befriends them. Others will not live to tell their story. What will it take to put his spirit to rest?

     Have you done something dreadful in your life? Have you wronged someone? Do you cross the line into immoral behavior?
   If so, steer clear of Superstition Mountain in Arizona, and Greybeard.
This is his story.

*Greybeards Love Everlasting, Sequel*

*     Do you believe in ghosts, restless spirits; that sometimes linger because they have unfinished business? They seek retribution.       Perhaps they simply can’t let go of the love they left behind.

     Some who cross Greybeard's path never live to tell their story. Others revered the ghost man who appeared to save them in their moment of need.

     For Greybeard it is both of these reasons that he lingers. Retribution and pure love.

     He searched the highways until he found Letty the love of his life. The woman he would have married and Jimmy the son he never knew.

     Now Greybeard has returned for Letty in her final hour of need. His love is everlasting.

     This is Greybeard's final story**

*Scream While I Run Sequel*

     It's been one year since my own personal stalker/serial killer was taken down.
     "The Whisperer,” should be out of my life. Why then, am I still hearing voices? Who is Eigna. What's wrong with me?
    I should be getting better, instead I’m getting worse. I'm losing myself. I may never be the same person again.

    Sam and Lillie may be my only hope for survival.

 *Fade to Black*

     My name is Lillie. I was Samurai before I knew I was Samurai. Long before I opened Pandora's box left by my adopted mother.
   I've been a NYC Detective for years. There's not much, I fear. However, lately I feel like a character in an old Mission Impossible scene.
    Assignment Osaka Japan: Survive a plane crash. Get rescued by my biological father I never knew. Locate my birth mother. Escape paid assassins out to kill me.
     Destination: Return to United States preferably alive.
    Usually, I'm the one in charge. This time it's my love Sam, and my protégé Angie who join forces to come assist me when I get in over my head. 

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